Tapani Intrigues

Into the Wulf's Den

The players were interviewed, background checked and hired by Baron Paddox’s office. They traveled to said office and was greeted by the attendant GE-3 protocol/secretary droid. At which point the group met the baron’s chief of staff, Niles Ossis, a noble in his own right. Ossis explained that he needed the group to examine a the ruins of a fortified Jedi temple located in the Sheva system. While doubting there was very much there, he wanted to make sure that any potentially powerful items did not get into the wrong hands. This temple was found by agents of House Pelagia while they were scouting the area for possible mineral deposits. Pelagia and the Shevan government are in negotiations for mineral and industrial rights and Pelagia just wanted to know if there was anything of value on the home system or would they have to set up shop on one of the more distant planets in the system. Ossis was worried about the find as he did not want House Mecetti, Pelagian arch rivals, to get their hands on anything useful. Mecetti are also in negotiations and scouted the area earlier but he does not think they found the temple.

Ossis promised a fee of 500 credits per person and all reasonable expenses paid. Discretion is required. Any items of value were to be returned to the Jedi order or failing that would be given to the Shevan government to grease the negotiation skids and give them a leg up over the Mecetti. The group discussed and accepted. Ossis gave the group use of an Amalgamated Hyperdyne 578-R space transport, the Buick of space transports and told them that it was a three day jump to Sheva and an asteroid field would have to be navigated, but as long as speeds were reasonable, there would be no problem. Upon arrival in system, sensors picked up two blips which turned out to be 2 Mynock swarms; uninvited guests! Trace, Matt’s Mando, punched the accelerator and the skill challenge ensued! Between Trace’s superior piloting, N3L-S0n’s shield boost and course plotting and Tal’s knowledge of Mynock’s and force ability, and the handling of the ship’s laser cannon, the shipped punched through with only a slight graze on an asteroid. The remaining Mynock gave up the chase. The group is now on its way to Sheva’s space port.

The adventure continues…



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